Friday, August 21, 2009

100 Days of Practice, Day 52: Playing with a Full Deck

52 days, 52 cards: that's a full deck. My sister thinks I may not be playing with one, but who's to prove it?

Well, just to prove that maybe I am NOT playing with a full deck, I just got so excited by a new tune that I'm only beginning to learn that I sent an e-mail to Steven Karidoyanes, Musical Director of the Plymouth Philharmonic, to suggest that he consider adding a little Irish flute to the program some day... mine. Whoah. That is not a sign of my sanity, but it does prove that 52 days of practicing does enlarge one's cahoneys. (Sorry, I just looked that up on an English/Japanese translation site and word not found.)

One way to keep practicing super interesting: keep working on new things, challenges you haven't encountered yet, and do it every day.

Today, I started learning Carolan's Concerto. What a beautiful piece. All of this in prep for "The Beautiful Album," which we're going to start recording on September 11, a most auspicious day to do beautiful things. A day whose memory needs a little beauty.

Are you doing something beautiful and adventurous today?


Peig said...

day 51 and 52

ok back on track .....last night MBB out all night and i played nothing but rolls. Hope i am doing them right. Went up from low D through scale. Very focused, felt much better. Tonight will be limited as will be Sat. BUT, will work on it!!

Debra Murphy, Professor said...

Almost every tune is new to me! I am very pleased with myself after practicing 52 days in a row, and I plan to keep on going.

Susan Gedutis Lindsay said...

Me too. Plan ahead now: the second 100 days is already on tap. Probably doing a 12-step program: 100 days at a time, 12 days. Good God. What a band we will have at the end. Irish flute choir, anyone?

Debra Murphy, Professor said...

Here is a link to my beautiful and adventurous work today.
If you are interested in nature and young children, you might find it interesting.

Marian said...

As for me, I have never questioned your cahoneys.... And you are not playing with a full deck.